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Awaken the Senses – Countryside

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Have you found yourself getting too busy to appreciate the little things in life and not having the time to sit down, relax, and take in your surroundings?

If so, then it might just be time for a holiday, but not just any holiday; a staycation in the heart of the blissful countryside will truly awake your senses to provide you with an experience like no other. And here at Catch the Breeze Retreats, we can offer our esteemed guests unique and picture perfect holiday locations that will completely indulge your senses.

We have a number of properties in our portfolio, so why not explore the sensations of our property locations and discover your next dream staycation, from the sound of twigs snapping underfoot to the sight of ancient waterfalls, you are sure to be in for a treat.


Sound is so much more diverse than what we might initially think; first and foremost, we must have the time and patience to truly appreciate and hear all around us, and sometimes, it is only on our holidays in the countryside that we can find this time. But when we do find time to listen it can be truly magical.

Oughtershaw is home to our stately holiday home, Oughtershaw Hall, boasting the sublime wilderness of the Yorkshire Dales. When you come and visit, you will experience the magical music that can be heard from the surrounding forests and woodlands in this beautiful part of the UK.

If you tread with a gentle foot through the gardens, and listen ever so carefully, you might just be lucky enough to hear the small, scurrying steps of the rare red squirrel, an endangered species that we are working towards saving; hearing, let alone seeing them, is truly a gift to all. Your ears will also welcome the sounds of a family of hares frolicking amongst the grass, and in the blissful nights, as the day draws to a close, a nearby barn owl will sing you to sleep.

In the depths of the Welsh countryside, Llanelltyd is home to the sounds of nature, far away from the bustling and chaotic sounds of the city and motorways. The nature and wildlife in this part of the world is truly one to behold; it is diverse, mesmerising, and harks back to a time of child-like wonder.

As you step out into the wilderness that surrounds our property, Tan Llan & Coach House, your ears will be greeted with the piercing stillness; but as you tune into the forest, you will certainly be in for a treat. You will hear the sound of the breeze as a peregrine falcon flies overhead looking for its next meal; as you continue, leaves and twigs satisfyingly snap and crunch beneath your feet, and if you are lucky, you might hear the majestic bleating of Wales’ wild deer.


Touch, the tactile sense, is a lot more complicated than we think. Many factors can affect our sense of touch, such as texture, temperature, density, and sensitivity; we experience a great deal of sensations through touch, and when staying away from home, you want to feel things that are luxurious, soft, and chosen with care.

Whether you are staying with us in Oughtershaw or Llanelltyd, you will get to enjoy the carefully crafted interior design of our properties, all of which is chosen for the comfort of our guests. Behind every great build is an innovative interior designer and diligent architect, both of which are integral for ensuring a satisfying tactile experience. Gillian Doxford and James Murdie are our interior designer and architect; Gillian is creative and design-conscious, meaning every item and furnishing within our properties is lovingly chosen by her, from the luxurious thread count on the bed linen to the cosy, fuzzy blankets and the plush cushions, everything she does is to ensure your sense of touch is always positively stimulated. So when you come back from your valley hike or animal-watching you will always be greeted by a cosy home environment at our properties. James is methodical and precise and dedicates a lot of time and planning into the construction and layout of each of our properties. From restoring the original, rustic interior stone walls in the properties to choosing the best positioning for rooms so they always have the best views, rooms where you can sit back, relax, and feel the sun beaming through the window to blissfully warm your skin.

These are the experiences of touch that we ensure all our guests can experience, from Oughtershaw all the way to Llanelltyd. Without realising it, holidays are all about the experience of touch, if the linen is too coarse, the surfaces feel sticky, or the furnishings are too solid, this can impact the entire experience! Of course, everyone has different preferences, but we believe that the feel of a solid wood floor, feather-soft pillows, and an immaculately cleaned home can make all the difference in ensuring your sense of touch around our properties is always a pleasant one.

Holidaying in the countryside gives us the time for some much needed rest and relaxation, giving us the chance to fully awaken the senses. When you visit any of our countryside properties yours senses will be invigorated and refreshed as you experience everything the countryside has to offer.


Smell – it may not be the first thing we think about in terms of our sensory experiences on our countryside holiday, however, our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses, so is a very important one to get right for the best experience possible.

Yorkshire is a sprawling landscape, and although Oughtershaw is a traditional Yorkshire Dales village would it not be lovely to experience all the Yorkshire Dales has to offer your sense of smell.

Well, if you take a visit a few villages over to Bolton, you can indulge in the rustic, smoky scent of a classic steam engine train and tour the Yorkshire Dales on the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway. The smell of a steam engine is like none other, it is both nostalgic and new to us, transporting us to a simpler time. As the coal embers fire up the powerful machine, the thick aroma fills the air as it prepares for its voyage across the picturesque countryside.

The musky, smoky smell of the steam train is an aromatic experience you cannot miss out on, there is truly nothing like it!

When we think of a lovely aroma, what is the first thing we think: a roaring open fire or freshly baked cookies? Perhaps one of the most pleasant scents is the smell of wild Welsh flowers. Wales is well-known for its beautiful scenery and native wildlife, and sprawling wildflowers surrounding Llanelltyd is no exception.

Experience an array of scents when visiting Llanelltyd; native flowers including the sweet and succulent camomile, indulge in the earthy and herbal smell of the lavender, and of course we cannot forget the soft, floral aroma of the daffodil! There are countless native plants just in Llanelltyd let alone North Wales, but when staycationing in the rural village of Llanelltyd, your sense of smell will lovingly give way to the gentle smell in the air – the smell of Wales’ exquisite flora.


The view – that is often the first thing that captures your attention when you’re planning a holiday in the countryside, the UK truly has some awe-inspiring country views for you to behold.

Maybe your heart is up in the tranquil, misty mountains. And there is not better view of the rolling hills and vast valleys than the Yorkshire Three Peaks mountain range, when you are staying in Oughtershaw, Yorkshire.

If you prefer to challenge your senses and enjoy the satisfaction of earning a magnificent view, the Yorkshire Three Peaks is an ample endeavour for any hiker. The entire 24 mile route can be completed in a respectable 12 hours, which is quite the feet, but once you have reached the glorious summit and can peacefully observe hundreds of miles of sublime landscape, it is truly worth the breathlessness.

The first recorded assent goes all the way back to 1887; step in the footsteps of those before you as you follow the winding incline to the top of the Three Peaks, and come rain or shine, you are sure to see a sight you will never forget.

The call to the wild is certainly a yearning that we all have from time to time, especially when staycationing in the picturesque village of Llanelltyd, North Wales. We often find ourselves drawn to waterfalls, which are both breath-taking and inspiring. And you will certainly be transported to another time when you visit the mystical Dolgoch Falls.

As the cool, fresh spring water cascades from the precipice above, it will be hard not to be astounded by the sheer force and beauty of the Welsh landscape. This wooded ravine is the perfect getaway for some tranquil relaxation as you take in the beauty surrounding you; atmospheric rays of sun beam through the tree canopy, the water splashes from one level to the next, and the river bubbles as the water settles into a steady lull.

The sight of a waterfall is always mesmerising, but nothing truly compares to the Welsh woodland and all the marvels it holds, ready for you to discover.


A sense that is sure to be stimulated no matter where your holiday is. Taste is something that is essential to making your countryside holiday an unforgettable one, whether you decide to cook at home and buy locally sourced ingredients at the farmers market, dine out at a local restaurant, or go a la carte with a Michelin star chef, there are endless possibilities!

With Yorkshire being home to a number of restaurants with exquisite food. However, maybe you do not fancy leaving your new holiday home and want to eat in – since you are on holiday why not treat yourself to a private caterer! John Rudden is a favourite with our founders, Clive and Lynne Sykes, as well as many of our other guests.

John and his wife, Sue, are the owners of nearby Grassington House in Grassington where they also run their own restaurant, Grassington House Outdoor; they serve the same beautifully presented and flavoursome dishes when they visit you as a private caterer, and it is not an experience to miss out on. Whether you desire tender fillet mignon, a flaky yet soft sea bass that melts in your mouth, or something as simple as a chicken breast that is perfectly paired with delicious sides of earth wild mushrooms with sharp and peppery scallions, John has the skills and expertise to make any dish a work of art for your sense of taste to enjoy.

Although it is lovely to relax in the comfort of a home away from home and have award-winning food served to you, sometimes getting your best dress on and dining out is an experience in itself. Well, visiting a Michelin star restaurant would certainly call for the occasion!

Not too far from Llanelltyd, the Michelin star restaurant Ynyshir provides guests with tastes they will never forget. It is truly an immersive culinary voyage; utilising your other senses, such as sound and smell, expect to be greeted with a smoky fire and atmospheric music to set the tone for your dining experience.

The food is one of a kind with the menu being a complete surprise until you arrive at the venue – with the build-up leaving your tastebuds in a frenzy, once you arrive and taste the succulent, luscious dishes your sense of taste will never be the same again.

For further information on our properties and their availability all year round contact us on 01829 830 388 or email at And do not forget to tag us in any pictures you may take and use the #MyCTBR, we love seeing your fabulous pictures and all the fun you have whilst staying with us in our properties.

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