October 10, 2022 12:20 PM

Awaken the Senses – Coast

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Everyday life can often get rather hectic; not allowing us the time to take everything in around us and truly experience everything life has to offer.

Holidays are a much-needed time to relax, move in the slow lane and take in the sights. But there is so much more to any beautiful location than just the views; there are plenty of other sensory delights to be enjoyed.

Catch the Breeze Retreats prides itself in being able to invite our esteemed guests to postcard perfect holiday locations that offer both a tranquil staycation and a plethora of fun, unique, and unforgettable experiences that will tantalise the senses.

So, take a deep breath in and awaken your senses to the feeling of the cool ocean breeze on your face, the taste of delectable delicatessens, and the sound of the ocean waves against the harbour walls.


The view – that is often the first thing that captures your attention when you’re planning a seaside holiday, the UK truly has some breath-taking sea views for you to behold.

When we go on holiday, we are often looking for a change, whether that is a change of pace, change of location, or a change of perspective. And there is no better to feel this than through experiencing the view of a dazzling sunrise, especially the one in Craster, Northumberland.

Craster is a beautiful seaside village that is home to several of our properties. With its very own harbour, quaint art gallery and café, and traditional kipper house and friendly local pub, Craster is the perfect place to forget about your worries and take in the mesmerising sight of where the sun gracefully meets the sea.

Your eyes will be filled with wonder as on the perfect summer morning, when the sun is rising over the horizon of the sea, the sky bursts with colouration, from the brightest orange to a blushing pink, it is truly breath-taking.

Why not discover the other magnificent sights Northumberland has for you to see with Visit Northumberland’s guide to the most scenic spots around.


Sound is so much more diverse than what we might initially think; first and foremost, we must have the time and patience to truly appreciate and hear all around us, and sometimes, it is only on our seaside holidays that we can find this time. But when we do find time to listen it can be truly enchanting.

As we return to the fishing village of Craster, it is time to explore the sounds of the local scene. As you have a rest and sit back on Craster’s beach, take a moment and your ears will be in for a treat. You will hear the sounds of the playful tide crashing against the walls of the harbour, in the distance seagulls and kittiwakes are chirping, and the graceful bobbing of the fishing boats ties the symphony together nicely.

There is a reason why we are always drawn to the sea; the sounds of the ocean provide us with a calming lullaby that gently carry us away to a complete state of relaxation. Even from the comfort of one of our Craster properties, you can still listen to the murmuring of the hypnotic waves ebbing the shore. Holidaying by the sea is truly a harmony for your ears.


Smell – it may not be the first thing we think about in terms of our sensory experiences on holiday at the seaside, however, our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses, so is a very important one to get right for the best experience possible.

As a traditional fishing village, there is a great deal of fishing carried out by the local businesses in Craster and one in particular produces an aroma that is hard to resist, L. Robson & Sons, home of the legendary ‘Craster Kippers’.

If that marvellous title does not already pique your interest, your sense of smell will soon betray you, we are sure! The rich, musky smell of the smokehouse, combined with the fresh, salty scent of newly caught kippers is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. L. Robson & Sons is a fourth-generation family business, and with over 100 years of experience and love for their trade, it is more than fair to say that they truly know and love the aromatic scent of smoked kippers.

If we have you fantasising about these legendary kippers, Craster is certainly the place to visit for your next holiday.


A sense that is sure to be stimulated no matter where your holiday is. Taste is something that is essential to making your seaside holiday an unforgettable one, whether you decide to cook at home and buy locally sourced fish, or dine out at a local kipper restaurant, there are endless possibilities!

Although Craster is a quaint fishing village, there is still a marvellous variety of nearby restaurants to choose from, and one we would highly recommend is The Jolly Fisherman. This award-winning gastro pub is truly one-of-a-kind and will leave your tastebuds wanting more.

Serving fresh catches every day, you will not be disappointed with the quality of the food; whether you want smoky kippers, meaty king prawns, creamy monkfish, or the caught fresh daily crab and lobster, The Jolly Fisherman lives up to its reputation amongst the locals and visitors alike.

Or perhaps you are not a fan of seafood – well not to worry; The Jolly Fisherman meticulously caters for all food preferences and diets to ensure you always have a delicious meal. Perhaps you prefer a juicy burger or a hot, rich steak and ale pie, or maybe you might just love a spicy and fragrant butternut squash curry. Your tastebuds are truly spoilt for choice at The Jolly Fisherman.


Touch, the tactile sense, is a lot more complicated than we think. Many factors can affect our sense of touch like temperature and touch; we experience many different sensations through touch, and when staying away from home, you want to feel things that chosen with care.

All of our properties have been especially tailored and curated with our guests’ comfort in mind, and our properties in Craster are no exception. All decorations and furnishings within our properties are chosen with love, from the softer-than-clouds bed linen to the fluffy wool throws and the handstitched British-made cushions, all the furnishings will be sure to provide your sense of touch with the best and most luxurious experience possible. But the tantalising sensations do not end with the decorations; from restoring the original, rustic interior stone walls in the properties to choosing the best positioning for rooms so they always have the best ocean views, rooms where you can sit back, relax, and feel the fresh sea air through the open window.

Behind every great seaside cottage is a creative interior designer and diligent architect, both of which are integral roles for ensuring a satisfying tactile experience. Gillian Doxford and James Murdie are our interior designer and architect; Gillian is creative and design-conscious and James is methodical and precise and dedicates a lot of time and planning into the construction and layout of each of our properties. They are the perfect pair for ensuring your sense of touch is positively stimulated at all times.

These are the experiences of touch that we ensure all our guests can experience. Without realising it, seaside holidays are all about the experience of touch, if the carpet is fraying, the blanket is rough and scratchy, and mattress is too hard then this can affect the entire holiday! Of course, everyone has different preferences, but we believe that the feel of a solid wood floor, feather-soft pillows, and an immaculately cleaned home can make all the difference in ensuring your sense of touch around our properties is always a pleasant one.

If we take the time to stop and reflect on our surroundings, especially when at the seaside, we can truly awaken our senses and experience life to the fullest, providing us with true and complete relaxation and tranquillity. Awaken your senses when you visit us at any of our Craster properties and immerse yourself and your senses in your perfect seaside holiday.

For further information on our properties and their availability all year round contact us on 01829 830 388 or email at info@catchthebreeze.co.uk. And do not forget to tag us in any pictures you may take and use the #MyCTBR, we love seeing your fabulous pictures and all the fun you have whilst staying with us in our properties.

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